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Have Yourself A Tech-Savvy Wedding {How To Use Technology On Your Big Day}


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


Have Yourself A Tech-Savvy Wedding {How To Use Technology On Your Big Day}

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Are you a tech-savvy bride to be and plan on broadcasting your big day across every possible social media with the latest technologies? We have five top tech tips to bring your wedding into the 21st Century!

1. But first… Let me take a ‘Selfie’!

Selfie sticks are quite genius. Gone are the days when we had to contort ourselves to fit everybody in the frame of the camera whilst managing our best pouts! They are practical and lots of fun for all ages. Selfie sticks are fairly inexpensive so why not have a few at your reception so your guests can create some memorable snaps at your wedding. And once the drinks are flowing we are sure those pictures will be a hoot!

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2. For the more adventurous…

More and more couples are trying out fun and different ways to capture their wedding instead of relying on standard cameras. Go Pros are cameras that can clip on to things such as helmets and bikes. They are usually used for people who are into extreme sports and use the cameras to capture footage of them doing something extreme from their point of view. Why not place a mini Go Pro in your bouquet or your husband to be’s tie, so you can capture your beautiful ceremony through the eyes of each other – giving viewers a new angle to watch it all from.

If Go Pros aren’t exciting enough for you, you could always hire out a drone. Some videographers and photographers recognise these are becoming popular and some have started to supply them for weddings. You could get some very cool edgy shots of your wedding day with a drone – for brides who like to do things differently this would be perfect.

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3. Print your cake and eat it!

Cakes are the centrepiece of most wedding breakfasts. We all want a cake that wows your guests and tastes great too. A new development in the food world is 3D printed candy! 3D printers have been around for a little while now. They are being used in a variety of industries as they can print almost anything, from glasses frames to new knee joints. You could print out a cake topper that looks exactly like you and your partner. Another idea would be to print out a cake stand and have your cake stand upon a fabulous frame. 3D printers can also print using edible, sweet materials. This results in stunning, colourful candies!

But don’t stop there, you can even print out mini action figures of you and your partner for wedding favours!

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4. Make it an Insta-Wedding

A great way to document your wedding is to ask your guests to upload images of the day to social media sites. A great site for this is Instagram. Create an Instagram hashtag for your wedding for example #thesmithwedding and every time a guest takes a picture and uploads it to Instagram they will use the hashtag. At the end of the day you can then search the hashtag and you will get to see all the images your guests took. You could even keep people who didn’t attend your wedding updated by letting them know the hashtag to search – so it feels like they are with you on your special day. To let your guests know what to do, create signs for your reception to encourage everyone to take part.

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5. For those who couldn’t make it

Searching for a hashtag to view all the photos is one great way of keeping relatives and friends who couldn’t make it involved in your wedding. Another way is to set up a live stream so people can view your ceremony from wherever they are in the world live as it happens.

We hope you found these tips helpful and inspiring. This is a trend that will progress and develop as much as technology itself does – who knows what will be making our weddings more fun in 10 years to come!

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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