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Hannah and Andy’s Summer Dream Wedding at Calke Abbey


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Hannah and Andy’s Summer Dream Wedding at Calke Abbey

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Hannah and Andy’s wedding was filled with personal touches that created an intimate, relaxed ceremony. They created their own wedding stationary and their friends and family helped with the flowers and cakes –  a truly DIY wedding.

Over to Hannah to tell you more…


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“The design of my dress had a vintage look to it and had a small polka dot design to the lace. I managed to find the same material so that my friend could make a veil out of it for me.

I just didn’t want to take it off! I visited about 5 wedding shops and went with my bridesmaids, it was definitely a process of elimination, trying to work out the style and of course looking at the shop and ensuring they are nice people. I bought mine from London Bride UK and they really were the best.

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When you (finally!) find the dress that you believe is the one…you will spend the next 6 months worrying whether you actually like it or not as they are such a huge expense! I did that and I on the day couldn’t have been happier with how it looked, so don’t worry you picked it for a reason!

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We celebrated our wedding at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire – a national trust estate that was a stone’s throw away from the church where we got married.

As soon as we walked into the room and took in the grand, exposed brickwork walls, we knew instantly that this place was going to be special, it just had that particular feeling to it. We also loved it as it was an empty room for us to make it our own.

As we had so much exposed brickwork, we played on the rustic style and mixed it with some bright modern colours such as dusky pink, lime green and navy. We wanted it to be consistent throughout so tried to stick to our colours as much as possible and this also gave us a bit of direction of seeing what worked and what didn’t.


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We wanted to ensure that it was relaxed and fun so added lots of personal touches to make our guests smile.

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When starting to plan a wedding, it’s a little overwhelming. There are lots of jobs to do and lots of suppliers that you need to bring on board.

We found it useful to work out what was important to us (i.e for us it was food, drink, a photographer and videographer) and then look to family and friends to see how they can help.

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Andy’s mum and her sister arranged our flowers, they made the bridal party bouquets and pin holes. Andy’s brother made the wedding cupcakes and we had a friend who was a tree surgeon who cut wooden discs for our centre pieces. It’s only when you start talking to people that you find out how much people are willing to help!

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Andy is also a graphic designer so produced all of our wedding stationary and was able to personalise our wedding that made our day that even more special.

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Enjoy the build-up and make the most of it. When it’s the morning of your wedding, something magical happens and your hair looks amazing, your make-up goes on perfectly and your dress is more beautiful than you ever remember…and most importantly, you can’t wait to see your husband to be!”

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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