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Issue 49: When It Was Just You

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Lee Garland is a wonderful, talented photographer that we have known for a while now and enjoyed working with over the years. His ever so popular vintage booth often makes an appearance at the Wedding Event with a Difference and always gets a lot of attention.

So, we now hand you over to Lee to tell you about his latest arrival…

“At we’ve always loved Save the Date, so as we enter our fourth year of taking our booths to your wonderful weddings, we thought there was no better place to announce that we’ve now built another booth for you all!


That means all those many, many summer weekends that have been fully booked since forever, are up for grabs again as a new recruit Anna starts taking out our third booth.

We’ve grown from just one man, to have Thom, Vic, Dan and now Anna on board. We’ve been from Cornwall to Cumbria and Eastbourne to Edinburgh with the trusty booths, and we’re always looking for ways to make things that little bit more special.


As big fans of the Save the Date Magazine and of course their awesome shows, we wanted to recognise that we wouldn’t be where we are now without our local collaborations with mega-talent. Be it our carpentry by John’s Rustic Furniture in Barton-in-Fabis or our signs from Orange Tree Weddings. We’ve had cake moustaches in the booth from Yummy Little Cakes (you heard – CAKE MOUSTACHES) and are looking forward to a collaboration with Polly & Me in 2016.

There’s nothing more rewarding than being a part of so many beautiful wedding days, so if you would like to book – now would be an excellent time.

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leevic thom dan anna



Check out for more on us, the booths and to check if we’re free for your wedding day!

Hope to hear from you soon!”

Lee, Thom, Vic, Dan and Anna x


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Except Image 7 and 8: Rachael Connerton Photography


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Issue 49: When It Was Just You

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