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Issue 48: When It Was Just You

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Strike a pose! Photobooths are fast becoming a must-have for wedding receptions and what better way to make sure all your guests are entertained than providing them with their very own photo shoot… super fun and a great way to record all of those (maybe blurry) evening do memories. We have caught up with Photobooth OG, Snapcandy, to find out more about the hiring experience…

Image by Shaun Taylor Photography

So Chloe, can you tell us a bit more about how Snapcandy Photo Booths started?

Back in 2012 my husband photographed a footballer’s wedding where he saw everyone having an amazing time using a photo booth. It was the first time he’d seen one in action and was so impressed with the way guests interacted with each other around the booth, that he convinced me we should look at doing it too. Back then photo booths weren’t what they are now! We decided we could do it even better. At that time we’d just had twins and I’d left behind my previous role as a customer services manager. I realised with our experience this was the perfect project and so Snapcandy was born. When we launched in December 2013 I could never have imagined how Snapcandy would boom! Soon we were attending over 100 weddings a year as photo booths have became
THE wedding reception entertainment! As well as so many beautiful weddings, we have also been lucky to work with lots of celebs and some amazing brands through our private party and corporate work.

Do you have different booth options?

We started out with the ’traditional’ enclosed style booth and over the years we’ve added new designs to appeal to the clients and venues we love to work with. It is important to always keep our booths up to date with the latest in Photo Booth tech too. We now have four different Booths including our latest addition which is the LuxePod – a beautiful solid oak booth in a mid-century modern design. If you’re looking for a luxury photo booth experience which will really wow your guests then this is the one! The huge benefit of all the Pods is that people are free to jump in front of the camera and there is no limit on how many people we can get in the photos!

What are the prop/ backdrop options and are these included in a hire package?

We’ve put hours into sourcing a gorgeous selection of backdrops for all of our booths, The range includes beautiful fabrics, luxury flower walls and greenery! We love personalising backdrops with lettering or neon signs to create a beautiful focal point for evening receptions, which are real attention grabbers. With our background in photography, we’re able to set up to work with different backdrop surfaces too, so if you want us to use a feature wall inside your venue then we can do that! All hire includes a choice of backdrop with an extended range included with
the LuxePod.
When it comes to props we’re careful to provide interesting and fun accessories that guests can use to help create fabulous photos! Vintage and retro cameras, photo frames, and our signature wedding signs, which are designed in house, give a flavour of what’s on offer. Above all else we have a strict ’no inflatables’ policy which most of our couples really appreciate. The last thing you want is to plan the most beautiful wedding, for someone with a bunch of floppy inflatables to turn up in the evening and ruin the atmosphere that you’ve so carefully created.

When the images are printed instantly, are couples able to see the photos their guests took after the big day?

Our hire packages include either single or double printing which means there’s always a print for the guest and there can also be a set for you. Every single image we shoot is presented on a secure online gallery with free unlimited downloads, so our couples and their guests can visit the gallery and enjoy the photos after the wedding. Where we print double, we’ll also look after a guestbook on the night and this really is the perfect keepsake. The online gallery is fantastic and allows you to view and download in both colour and black & white, and has the option to order additional images in a range of sizes. We also provide you with your personalised Snapcandy Gallery App which makes viewing and sharing your photos so easy.

What makes Snapcandy Photo Booths unique?

There are a few things that really set us apart, from the craftsmanship of our Photo Booths, to the carefully selected backdrops and unique print designs. We like to ensure the experience of visiting our booths is like no other and is individual to each wedding. Because our experiences are so stylish and personalised to each couple we are even receiving requests to be part of drinks receptions. It’s a perfect way to entertain your guests whilst capturing them at their wedding best right after your ceremony! We normally suggest that this part of the day is prop free to keep it super classy, and we can even look after a guestbook at this point too. One of the other ways we are unique is our Print Design service. We don’t rely on templates and have designed hundreds of unique photo booth prints over the years. This also means that the guestbook looks fabulous and so personal to each couple. We feel very lucky that we get to help people celebrate and even though it is such a fun addition to a wedding and gives everyone a great laugh, we are very serious when it comes to giving our clients an impeccable service from start to finish. We just can’t wait to get back to doing what we love and look forward to a busy calendar for Summer 2021 onwards!

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Issue 48: When It Was Just You

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