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Getting to know On a Day Like This

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Launched in early April 2016 are a new venue styling duo…

If you’re from the The East Midlands, then you will without doubt know and love the three iconic Nottingham Heritage sites.

Nottingham Castle majestic and grand dominates the skyline with its history and character. Forever entwined with the legend of Robin Hood. Newstead Abbey the former home of the world famous romantic poet Lord Byron, oozes gothic charm, set within its formal gardens, parkland and lakes. Wollaton Hall, a stunning example of Elizabethan architecture sits elevated at the top of a hill, surrounded by the deer park and nature reserve. And of course was featured in one of the latest Batman films.

But do you know you can get married at any of the three Heritage sites? All three are distinctive and world renowned, making them the perfect wedding venue. Launching in early April are a new venue styling duo, On A Day Like This, who believe it’s time to look at wedding styling differently. Owners Jade and Sophie believe in creating a unique, memorable and exciting experience on your wedding day. On A Day Like This are the preferred venue stylists for all three of the Nottingham Heritage sites, where they offer their styling coordination hire themes.

Styling coordination is a complete styling service which includes all the elements that are needed to dress a wedding venue. From creative centre pieces, fresh flowers, personalised stationery, hand-made edible favours, and everything else in between. On A Day Like This will be offering carefully selected hire themes. Along side a bespoke design service for those that want something a little different.

On A Day Like This would like to welcome you to an open evening at Wollaton Hall on 30th April 4 – 7 pm, to see the venue dressed like never before. And also meet their award winning preferred suppliers.

Take a glimpse at the stunning styling On A Day Like This created at each venue… You’ll be blown away!

{Wollaton Hall ~ Enchanted}

EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00012-OADLT-020 EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00090-OADLT-132EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00056-OADLT-088 EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00064-OADLT-096EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00104-OADLT-152 EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00138-OADLT-184 EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00985-OADLT-136EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00328-OADLT-368 EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00405-OADLT-438EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00922-OADLT-704EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00759-OADLT-568EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00808-OADLT-604EBP_Wollaton-Hall-00397-OADLT-422

{Newstead Abbey ~ Metallic Luxe}

newstead-abbey-shoot-4 newstead-abbey-shoot-6 newstead-abbey-shoot-31 newstead-abbey-shoot-49 newstead-abbey-shoot-54 newstead-abbey-shoot-56 newstead-abbey-shoot-65 newstead-abbey-shoot-84 newstead-abbey-shoot-152 newstead-abbey-shoot-183 newstead-abbey-shoot-190 newstead-abbey-shoot-233 newstead-abbey-shoot-248 newstead-abbey-shoot-255 newstead-abbey-shoot-270 newstead-abbey-shoot-277 newstead-abbey-shoot-285

{Nottingham Castle ~ New Age Vintage}

nottingham-castle-wedding-0014 nottingham-castle-wedding-0044 nottingham-castle-wedding-0108nottingham-castle-wedding-0053 nottingham-castle-wedding-0074 nottingham-castle-wedding-0084nottingham-castle-wedding-0119nottingham-castle-wedding-0196nottingham-castle-wedding-0134nottingham-castle-wedding-0066nottingham-castle-wedding-0148nottingham-castle-wedding-0164nottingham-castle-wedding-0239nottingham-castle-wedding-0269nottingham-castle-wedding-0015nottingham-castle-wedding-0177


Images by Ed Brown Photography

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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