Getting To Know The Black Peppermint Food Company
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Getting To Know The Black Peppermint Food Company


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Getting To Know The Black Peppermint Food Company

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Today’s feature is guaranteed to get you feeling a little peckish. Food is such an important element of your wedding day. Let’s face it, you want to ensure your guests get good grub, you want to make it different to other weddings, fun, quirky and it really is hard to try and please everyone! Here we chat to the wedding catering experts ‘Black Peppermint Food Co‘ to find out a little more on how they can help create your dream wedding day feast!

Getting To Know The Black Peppermint Food Company

How would you describe the style and ethos of your food?

The style and ethos of our food varies massively from one couple to the next! We pride ourselves on having the flexibility to work with each individual couple and tailor a menu to suit their likes and dislikes and style of their big day. Whether they want a fine dining experience, a tasty BBQ, delicious hog roast or a relaxed and informal sharing style wedding breakfast, we can do it all.

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What types of food do you specialise in?

We do all sorts of different foods and sometimes couples bring ideas to us that we may not have thought of before which is nice when it happens! However I would say over the last few years, the sharing style that we offer has become 90% of what couples go for and we’re often told that other caterers can’t offer the same flexibility we do in that respect so we guess that has almost become our speciality just by chance!

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What are you most popular food choices?

We have lots of food choices that we offer that are particularly popular but to pin point just a couple; our Coca-cola braised pork belly with popcorn crackling has become some what of a signature dish for us and whether it’s at a wedding, corporate event or even a wedding fayre, lots of couples have come to expect us to provide that or ask to try it and it never disappoints! Our chargrilled rib eye steak is also a firm favourite because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to eat a decent steak on their wedding day? We know we would!

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What are the most commonly questions asked by brides & grooms?

Concerns in relation to the sharing style food we offer usually stems from couples struggling to imagine it as it is completely away from the ‘norm’ and tradition of a wedding breakfast but that’s what we love about it! Commonly asked questions usually include, ‘How will it be served?’, ‘Will it be enough for everyone?’, ‘Do I need to send a menu out with my invites?’, ‘Will it all go together?’ All of these are concerns we’re more than used to answering and handling on a couple’s big day and are never a problem.

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What do you feel your food & service brings to someone’s wedding day?

Our food and service usually brings surprise and uniqueness to someone’s wedding day as unfortunately many people have come to expect wedding food to be a bit rubbish which breaks our hearts as caterers! Our sharing style wedding breakfast always goes down a storm because it is fresh, delicious and offers plenty of choice for each and every guest. The usual thing we hear and love every time we do is, ‘Is this all for us?!’ and the answer to that is ‘Absolutely!’ Guests are usually pleasantly surprised to be served with yummy and quirky food that is also filling enough to keep people sustained until that all important evening food makes an appearance – something which we also offer, but no beige buffets where we’re concerned, we love real ‘beer food’ and offer choices such as pizza, burgers, fish and chips and posh kebabs!

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What makes your food stand out from the crowd?

Our food stands out from the crowd as the dishes are usually so personal to the bride and groom and guests usually clock that straight away which is amazing! If a couple has chosen to go with food choices that we offer from our menus rather than requesting bespoke dishes, guests are still wowed as a lot of our choices are not what you would generally see served for a wedding breakfast and often have quirky tweaks and flavours that people love! For example, we offer a canape of smoked salmon wrapped in pickled cucumber but the salmon is smoked with Lapsang tea leaves which gives it a really intense, unique and smokey flavour – something that most people will have never experienced before!

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Once a bride & groom have shown an interest in your food, tell us a little bit about the process and the tasting sessions you offer – how does this work?

Once a bride and groom have shown interest in our food and/or services, we generally invite them in to meet with us to go through their plans for their big day and really get a feel for what they are trying to achieve through the food served. We then work alongside them in an initial meeting to draft a bespoke menu and quote all whilst holding their wedding date as a provisional booking. We allow couples 2 weeks after their meeting to make a decision before we would look to release their date and once a booking is confirmed, we then arrange a personalized tasting session 6-8 months before their big day where we invite them to taste everything on their drafted menu in full and amend or tweak where necessary following this! The tasting sessions we do for our couples are in full so the portion size is as it would be for example and is served the way it would be on their big day so they can really envisage how it will all work for them.

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What food trends do you see for 2017/2018 weddings?

This year we’ve seen a massive increase in couples coming away from the traditional three course wedding breakfast and opting for a more relaxed meal such as the sharing style food which can include anything and everything. Within this, we’ve seen couples opting for lots of European choices and more specifically tapas style food, so dishes like ‘Albondigas’ (Spanish meatballs in spicy tomato sauce), ‘Bunelos de Bacalao’ (salt cod fritters), and Ensaladilla Rusa (Spanish vegetable salad), amongst lots of others so we can definitely see this trend continuing through into next year!

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If you want to find out more about Black Peppermint Food Company and how they can be a part of your celebration, head straight over to their website. You’ll also find them serving delicious treats in our VIP area at The Wedding Event With A Difference!


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