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Friday Frenzy – Film it


Issue 45: Let's Celebrate


Friday Frenzy – Film it

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Photography at a wedding is a given – beautiful images to look back on in years to come are an absolute must. But have you ever considered having your big day filmed too? No longer a nineties phenomenon whereby a jumpy camcorder follows your every move, getting in the way with the end result being grainy footage on a VHS. Wedding filming is now slick, stylish and edited to perfection to deliver a timeless, beautiful piece of motion for you to enjoy in years to come.

I had never considered having my wedding filmed until I saw another bride’s wedding film and just thought ‘Wow’. I got in touch with Shoot Photography who, as well as producing fantastic photography also specialise in contemporary wedding films. Jo at Shoot was and is such a lovely person and I immediately warmed to her – Shoot were booked and, although Andrew was a little concerned about having his speech filmed (being as he was already a bag of nerves about it!) we were very excited at the prospect of having our very own wedding film.

On the day, Jo and her husband Simon were discreet, as lovely as ever and produced the most amazing results. And, due to their subtle and un-intrusive style, Andrew didn’t even realise they were there during his speech!

And, without further ado, here is our big day in truly fabulous Shoot style:

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  1. Carmen

    Absolutely stunning film! Lydia looks beautiful, the wedding is gorgeous and Shoot definitely did an amazing job of capturing those special moments.

    I have to agree, wedding films are definitely making a come back and in my opinion, well worth having.

  2. Jo Paltiel

    Gorgeous film Lydia! You look so beautiful and happy throughout and Andrew looks very handsome and so obviously adores you. This films shows what a great day you both had.

  3. Nicole

    I completely agree. I never really had, having my wedding filmed on my priority list. However, we decided to go for it and I love being able to watch the day back. There’s so many happy memories to keep.


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Issue 45: Let's Celebrate

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