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Feeling conned ….


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


Feeling conned ….

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I’m not sure how many brides out there whose wedding has been and gone have looked back and amongst the jubilation and pure wonderfulness of it all feel like at some point, they’ve been conned. Deceived. Taken for a ride. Ripped off. Whichever way you put it, it makes you feel pretty upset and well, to put it bluntly, cheated. Weddings can be hugely expensive and extremely stressful at times so the last thing you want is to feel like you’ve been had … Yet there are lots of brides out there who seem to experience this.

An email I received recently from an anonymous, recently wed bride, highlighted this point to me. Having fallen in love with their dream venue (which will also remain anonymous), the couple in question signed the contracts at which no point was there any mention of commission or additional charges. Everything was going swimmingly until the bride noticed an increased price from the marquee company. Questioning this, the marquee company, quite rightly, felt duty bound to inform her that the venue had instructed them to add 10% to their fee. It then transpired that each and every supplier the bride had contracted had been told to add at least an extra 10% which was a commission payable to the venue – this included the caterer and florist.

Anyone out there who is planning or has planned a wedding will understand how much extra that 10% is going to cost. We’re not talking a few pounds.

The bride was upset and pretty angry and through sheer determination, has managed to receive compensation. However, getting the money back which you deserve doesn’t happen to everyone and that makes me really sad to think that in the lovely world of weddings, this horrible and underhand way of working seems to be accepted across a handful of suppliers. I must stress that this is not the norm and as far as I am aware and as is the case with the venues I’ve worked with, couples are made aware of any extra charges at the very start of the venue booking process, to avoid any confusion. At least then you have the opportunity to back out if you don’t feel like something is fair. There are obviously just a few rogue suppliers out there who are trying their luck and all I can say is, be vigilant. Question your bill if something doesn’t look right and make sure you iron out all of your queries right at the very start and give the venue the opportunity to inform you of any ‘alliances’ or commission agreements they have in place.

I don’t like receiving emails from brides who have had a bad experience. Your big day should be full of positivity and loveliness and we at Save the Date magazine will do our utmost to ensure that you do not feel conned and that each and every supplier we recommend through the mag and on our website practice good business ethics. That we absolutely promise 🙂

Anyone had any experience of feeling conned? Or any stories to tell? Please don’t reveal names or start dishing the dirt … those in the wrong know who they are ….

Lydia x

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  1. Keith Sheriff

    Hi, I have already commented on this topic on another website. This is what I said then and still stand by ….

    Hi all,
    I am a photographer. One local venue asked me if I would give couples a discount if they recommended me as they loved my work so much. I absolutely agreed (10% or more depending on the package booked) as I love working at the venue and with their whole team.

    Another local venue demanded to see my contract/invoice with a couple so that they could have 6% of the total billed. I have refused to pay this. The 6% is not for the couple, which I may have agreed to if asked nicely, but for the organiser.

    Another thing to think about is I put about 5 man days into every wedding (2 photographers = 2 lots of processing to do – so that’s 4 days already if your wondering). Other photographers work on their own and pull the card out at the end of the day and write a disk that they then hand over to the couple. Shoddy work and it shows, but that’s the way they choose to work. Do both of us deserve to be charged 6% ?

    I’m all for giving a couple a discount to meet their budget or to work at a venue that is local and I personally enjoy, but I’m not here to prop up someone else’s turnover !

    All the best,



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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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