The most fabulous floral wedding cakes you will ever feast your eyes on…

We're feeling seriously inspired now that Spring is finally here and we can't get enough of the abundance of beautiful blooms that the season brings with it. Which is why today we're spoiling you with over 40 of the most delicious wedding cake designs. From cascading flowers on a three-tier cake to a modern masterpiece adorned with real posies, we think you're going to fall in love with each and every one of these fabulous floral wedding cakes…

Our 'Cream of the Crop' Wedding Cake Makers

If you are looking for an ultra-talented wedding cake maker to design and create a show-stopping cake for your special day, make sure you swing by our Cream of the Crop Wedding Directory to discover our handpicked collection of suppliers in the East Midlands.

Yummy Little Cakes

Yummy Little Cakes create wedding cakes, but not as you know them! Their designs are unique, creative and utterly scrumptious. Nat creates luxury wedding cakes that are one off creations made just for you!

The Confetti Cakery

If you want a modern wedding cake that simply oozes style, let The Confetti Cakery take your fancy! These cakes look amazing and taste equally delicious.

April Delights

For beautiful ‘one of a kind’ bespoke cake design, you’ll adore April Delights. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional or a themed cake, Adele can offer cakes that are individually designed to add the wow factor to your wedding!

Elle Jane Cakes

Elle Jane designs unique handmade cakes that are created with craftsmanship, attention to detail and just a little patisserie magic. These contemporary creations are guaranteed to get your guests talking!

Cottonwood Bakery

Helen, owner and cake designer at Cottonwood Bakery, creates striking and modern wedding cakes that taste incredible.

Amerton Cakes

Make your wedding cake the focal point of your reception with the help of Amerton Cakes, where the team will help you to design a show-stopping cake that looks as good as it tastes!

Green Kitchen Cakes

Whatever style of wedding you’re having, Green Kitchen Cakes can make the perfect bespoke wedding cake for your big day.


Image 1 by Matt Horan Photography/ Image 2 by Matt Horan Photography / Image 3 by Tiffany Amber Photography / Image 4 by Ellie Lou Photography / Image 5 by We Are The Clarkes / Image 6 by Photography by Bea / Image 7 by Rebecca Goddard Photography / Image 8 by Mirelle Carmichael Photography / Image 9 by Katy Melling Photography / Image 10 by Connie Whitlock Photography / Image 11 by Bianco Photography / Image 12 by Bowtie & Belle Photography / Image 13 by Kathryn Hopkins Photography / Image 14 by Jo Bradbury Photography / Image 15 by Anna Roussos Photography / Image 16 by Naomi Kenton PhotographyImage 17 by Elisabeth Van Lent PhotographyImage 18 by Rachel Rose PhotographyImage 19 by Rachel Rose PhotographyImage 20 by Melissa Marshall PhotographyImage 21 by Petra Veikkola PhotographyImage 22 by Pixie Bella PhotographyImage 23 by Ashley Slater PhotographyImage 24 by Jo Bradbury PhotographyImage 25 by Elizabeth Fogarty PhotographyImage 26 by Rachel Rose PhotographyImage 27 by Elisabeth Van Lent PhotographyImage 28 by The Butterfly PhotographyImage 29 by Scuffins PhotographyImage 30 by Greg Finck PhotographyImage 31 by Chaz Cruz Photography / Image 32 by Jose Villa Photography / Image 33 by Yummy Little Cakes / Image 34 by The Confetti Cakery  / Image 35 by April Delights / Image 36 by April DelightsImage 37 by Matt Horan Photography / Image 38 by Cottonwood Bakery/ Image 39 by Amerton Cakes / Image 40 by Green Kitchen Cakes / Image 41 by Green Kitchen Cakes


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