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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


Exhibitors Exposed

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Let’s kick things off with some serious style … Eizabeth Peat, over to you:

Who are you and, what do you do? 

My name is Elizabeth Peat and I am a hair stylist by trade, I also have a Business Management Degree. I have amalgamated these together and now organise hairdressing themed events, WELCOME TO ELIZABETH PEAT WEDDING HAIR AND VINTAGE EVENTS.

At Elizabeth Peat Wedding Hair and Vintage Events we pride ourselves on our service to you the customer. Our Mission Statement is “to provide a quality and unique service to every customer”.

I first started working in hairdressing salons over 10 years ago and developed my skills and knowledge to build a reputation as a modern and innovative hairdresser. This passion has taken me to work at Birmingham Fashion Week and photo shoots in Covent Garden, London.

My hairdressing themed events include Vintage Hen Parties and Traditional Tea Parties. These party events accompany my Wedding Hair and Makeup services.

Our passion is to make your day extra special, so whichever of our traditional or vintage party services you choose we have the expertise to make that happen

If you weren’t doing what you are what would you be doing?

I would have gone to University and studied fashion. I have always been inspired by Vivienne Westwood.

I love the changes she has made throughout the years from the punk explosion in the 1970’s to her 1984 collaboration with Malcolm Mclaren titled Pirates.  I believe fashion and hair coincide with each other and love her newer designs including the Red Label which appeals to younger tastes.

If you could have any bride in the world as client ( celebrity or not) who would it be and why?

It would be Lady Gaga, as a hair stylist by trade I am very creative and love to experiment with new shape and texture. Mixing old and new to invent traditional hair designs but with vintage twists really exaggerates my expressive style.

With Lady Gaga being so creative herself and always willing to take chances it would be great to design and create something innovative and personal for her.

Next up is the super stylish and effortlessly cool, Michele Gledhill event stylist: 

Who are you and what do you do? 

Hey, my name is Michele and I am a wedding and event stylist. I love to create dream weddings  and  offer  a comprehensive design and create service tailored to reflect your individual style.  I love to hear every bride’s style ideas and put these into reality in a unique and personal way. My services include the full development of the overall design, the design and creation of all floral and non-floral decor including bridal, ceremony and reception arrangements and the design and creation of finer details such as table stationary and favours.

If you weren’t doing what you are doing, what do you think you would be doing?

I absolutely love my job so I’m sure it would be part of whatever I was doing…maybe I would be running a gorgeous little Bed & Breakfast by the sea (preferably in California!!), styling, decorating and probably regularly re-decorating each room and filling them with gorgeous florals every day!!  If money was not an issue I’m sure I would spend my days creating all the lovely things I like to create in my imagination and give them to all my friends!

If you could have any bride in the world as your client, who would it be and why?

Family is really important to me so I can’t wait to style my little sister’s wedding and of course my daughters’ weddings!! Mind you, one of my daughters has already told me that she wants to get married on the beach in a bikini and doesn’t want flowers!!! WHAT???!! Such a teenager…she’ll come round!! If I had to choose a celebrity, I would have to say I completely adore the recent wedding style of Kate Moss. All the gorgeous country, vintage style details were exactly what I would choose if I could do my wedding again! With details like that, she would be my dream client!!

What are you most looking forward to about The Wedding Event with a Difference?

I can’t wait to meet so many different brides and hear all their unique style ideas and also be part of such a creative atmosphere! I’m  really looking forward to creating a relaxed and interactive stand this year…helping brides put together style and colour ideas using mood boards, florals and lots of lovely accessories!!

Finally, last but certainly not least, it is the incredible Illustries – I seriously NEED one of their memory books in my life: 

Who are you and what do you do?
We are Illustries – co-creators Samantha Neal, Head of Pictures (our designer) and Emma Penrice, Head of Words (the writer) – and we create beautiful bespoke memory books.
Every one of our Illustries is created for an individual customer to uniquely reflect their special day. We don’t believe in dusty old photo albums hidden away on shelves. Our “Illustries”, inspired by the Illustrated Histories of our childhood, tell the story of special times, capturing events and feelings for posterity and turning them into a memento to cherish, share and display.
We have begun with wedding Illustries (we call them our Love Illustries!) and each of our three exclusive styles – Classic (elegant and clean), Avant Garde (quirky and fun) and CELEB (a full celebrity-style wedding magazine) is tailored to reflect individual personality and taste. They are packed with features – up to 80 pages – and quality is so important to us. We interview our brides and grooms to write every detail of their story from when they met to ‘happy ever after’, and we use bespoke colours, graphics and other design elements to create a unique book or magazine – we don’t have wordcount limits, we don’t use any template software, and all the ideas that make our Illustries so special have been developed from scratch.
 If you weren’t doing what you are, what do you think you would you be doing?
We both run our own businesses: Sam a design agency, Alilia, and Emma a marketing consultancy, Slate. We love everything we do – we’re both working from home in the creative industry with some great clients. So we’d have to say we’d still do that. Although we do dream of retiring to a huge yacht in the South of France soon!
If you could provide your service for any couple in the world (famous or not) who would it be and why?
We know this is cheesy, but we can’t imagine that one couple could be more special than any other – there are so many fab things to capture in every wedding we cover. But if you twist our arm, we heard rumours that Mike and Zara were told they couldn’t do a Hello deal. We think they’d love one of our CELEBs to make up for it!
What are you most looking forward to at the Wedding Event with a Difference?
We are just so excited! The whole approach is different and we’re looking forward not only to meeting all those brides and grooms, but also all the like-minded suppliers who are exhibiting. We are working on new samples to showcase our work and will be showing some really exciting new products like our mini books and frame-a-spread prints. Oh, and we’ll be lugging our trusty blackboard table along – we’d love everyone to write their comments on so we can see what they think!
See what I mean? Our exhibitors are incredible – I am just SO excited to see them all on 16th October and meet all of you lovely brides too. Cannot wait.
I’m now going to spend my afternoon dreaming about looking like a vintage queen with amazing hair, whilst sat in a beautifully styled ‘Michele Gledhill’ themed country garden designing my very own memory book ….




Explore our cream of the crop suppliers


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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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