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A roaring success of a wedding!


Issue 49: When It Was Just You


A roaring success of a wedding!

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Todays I thee Wed just goes to show that even when on a budget, you can really make your big day stand out!


Read on to find out more about this roaring success of a wedding! (You’ll get what we mean when you read on!)


The Vision for the day….


We were looking for a small, intimate wedding with people who are important in our lives. We didn’t have the budget (or the want) to have something extravagant so we decided to keep it simple, spending the money we needed to on the most important aspects of the day. Whilst wanting to keep it simple, living in Norfolk we wanted a rustic feel to it and we feel we did this with some of the touches we added to the table displays and with the food offered.


The planning process was quite long and drawn out….. The wedding should originally have happened in October 2011 but in March 2011 came some news! Laura was pregnant and she quickly decided that she didn’t want to get married whilst 8 ½ months pregnant so the original date was postponed. There were two main reasons for the postponement – 1. Laura had already chosen her dress and 2. Laura wanted to be able to drink on her wedding day!


Having been given extra time to plan by the arrival of Erin (on 21st October) things went very smoothly. We aren’t ones to panic and we were quite laid back about the whole process. Laura’s maternity leave from work had given her more time to enable her to surf the internet and check out wedding fairs and shows and because we both had an idea of what they wanted from our day, selecting the people to help them make their day special was very simple indeed.



The flowers were by Poppies Florist in Snetterton, Norfolk. Sarah Martin was recommended to us by a friend and what a fantastic recommendation she was! She produced some beautiful bouquets for us and also some excellent extra touches for the birdcage displays and the chairs.



Our photographers were Mandy and Julie from Dottie Photography. Laura had trawled the internet and had come across Dottie and instantly fell in love with her pictures. It was soon decided that Dottie Photography were the ones! Laura went to meet Mandy to get everything signed up and upon her return she could only report that Mandy is “a bit crazy!”, hence the Dottie name! When Phil eventually met with Mandy around a month before the wedding, he confirmed the craziness but with all that aside, she knows what she’s doing and knows how to get “that” shot! Mandy and Julie really became part of our day. They joined in, had fun and blended in with the guests. It took away from the stuffiness that you sometimes get from a photographer, as we’ve seen at other weddings in the past. Since the wedding, everyone has commented on how fantastic the pictures are and we really couldn’t have asked for anything more. Dottie Photography would come highly recommended. You only have to look at their work to see what they can do!



We got married at The Oak Rooms which are part of Banham Zoo and the reception was held at The Applewood Suite, also in the grounds of Banham Zoo. We chose this venue because of the locality to where we live. It is around 10 miles away. Having been to a couple of events at the Applewood Suite previously, we knew that it was exactly what we were looking for and it was able to accommodate our day guests comfortable and also our extra evening guests.
Whilst we’re not massive animal fans, we had some fun having our pictures taken with some animals and got some great shots of us in and around the zoo grounds. It really is a perfect setting for any type of picture.



The cake was made by Laura’s sister, and one of the Bridesmaids, Claire. They beauty of it for Claire was that she was able to have several practice runs leading up to the wedding which enabled her to eat lots of cake! The beauty for us was that it wasn’t going to cost a small fortune and it wasn’t going to be a typically “perfect” cake with straight lines and mini bride and groom models! Once decorated, the cake, to us, looked perfect (although with this being Claire’s first – and probably last – attempt, she was worried about the cracks in the icing!). Needless to say the guests thought it was pretty amazing considering there were only about 10 pieces to take home the next day! The cake was in three layers, one Carrot, one Chocolate Sponge and one with Chocolate and Vanilla Sponge.



The colour of the day was Sage Green. This was the colour of the bridesmaids dressed and the waistcoats and ties worn by the groomsmen. This perfectly complimented Laura’s Champagne coloured dress.
Laura had discovered some birdcages whilst doing her research and we purchased these to make table centrepieces. These were decorated with flowers and had a candle inside to light the tables. To stay in line with the birdcages, the tables were names after birds with the top table being called Swan.



The main meal was a traditional 3 course dinner with a Turkey Roast as the main course. The evening guests were treated to a Hog Roast followed by a selection of sweets from our Candy Table (of which there were none left by the end of the night!!) The guests danced the night away to the sounds of Mindy’s Disco Roadshow from Thetford. Mindy is an old friends of Phil’s and he couldn’t have done a better job!


The whole day was very special and it is all equally as memorable. We feel privileged to have spent it with our closest friends and family and that everything went without a hitch. The rain even stayed away until well into the evening. The speeches were all excellent and everyone we have spoken to since have been telling us what a brilliant time they had. Hopefully they’re not just being polite….?


The amazing team involved in the wedding:
Venue – Banham Zoo. Banham, Norfolk.
Photography – Dottie Photography. Upwell, Cambridgeshire.
Dress – Heart Brides. East Anglia.
Florist – Poppies Florists. Snetterton, Norfolk.
Disco – Mindy’s Disco Roadshow. Thetford, Norfolk.
Suits – Marks and Spencer. Nationwide.
Caterers – Mrs C Hubbard. Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk

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Issue 49: When It Was Just You

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