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DIY Tassel Garlands


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DIY Tassel Garlands

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For this DIY you won’t need anything fancy, everything you need is most likely in your house somewhere, and if not, still fairly cheap and easy to come by. You will need tissue paper, how many packs you need will depend on how many garlands you would like to create. Because metallics are a popular trend this wedding season we chose to use silver and a gold/bronze coloured tissue paper from John Lewis.

DIY Tassel Garlands (1)

John Lewis has a brilliant range of tissue paper in their gift wrapping section, they have lots of patterns, colours and unusual textures. To add a pop of colour we chose to combine the metallics with pastel pink and cream. You can incorporate your wedding colours very easily into this DIY.

To create the tassels you will need scissors, sellotape and strong thread, ideally clear thread to give it a cleaner look (nothing worse than visible, chunky threads and knots all over the place!)


Step 1: Take one whole sheet of tissue paper, unfold it out but leave it folded in half length ways.


Step 2: Take the sheet of tissue paper and fold it in half again, making sure it is straight and all the sides are lined up.


Step 3: Taking your scissors cut down the fold you created in the previous step. You should be left with two equally sized sheets of tissue paper, both still in the original fold.

DSC_0298 - Copy

❤ Step 4: Taking your two sheets of tissue paper, unfold both of them and lay one on top of the other, with both their metallic sides of the tissue paper facing the table.

DSC_0300 - Copy DSC_0302 - Copy

Step 5: Keeping the tissue paper sheets together, fold them back over in the original fold.


Step 6: Rotate the tissue paper sheets so that the folded side is at the top. Taking your scissors begin to cut along the tissue paper, creating roughly 1 centimetre strips. Making sure to not cut all the way to the top of the tissue paper, leave again, roughly 1/1.5 centimetre gap between your cut and the top.


Your’s should look something like this…


Step 7: Now here comes the fiddly bit! Very carefully unfold the two sheets, making sure they stay together. Lay them flat on your surface with the metallic side facing down again. Have patience with this step… I’ve ripped off many strips creating this tassel garland (may they rest in peace.)


Step 8: Okay. I may have fibbed a little. THIS is the fiddly bit. Starting from the bottom begin rolling the tissue sheets up. Holding on to the centre and focusing your pressure on to the middle, roll the centre tightly whilst allowing the strips of tissue paper to be free and loose. You may need to stop and de-tangle any strips of tissue paper that decided to curl up together.


Step 9: Once you have rolled it up all the way, twist and fold the centre in half so the two bunches of tissue paper come together to form one glorious tassel garland!


Step 10: Secure the twisted end by wrapping some sellotape around it.


Phew! You’re almost ready for a tea and biscuit break… Hang in there!


Step 11: Cut another length of tape and stick half of it to one side of the top of the tassel. Then place your thread on the top of the tassel and fold the tape over it, making sure it’s all stuck down and secure.

DSC_0323 DSC_0325

Once completed you should have something similar to the picture below. This is a great wedding DIY decoration that is super simple and easy to do. This is perfect for the bridal party to help you with, especially the little bridesmaids!


Here are a few ideas on how you could include tassel garlands into your wedding decoration. Hopefully by the end of this blog you’ll be an expert tassel maker with tonnes of ideas on how to use them!

Tassel garlands look great outside. You can hang them in the branches or wrap them around tree trunks. Creating a wall of tassel garlands make an effective back drop to your wedding ceremony. They could even hide particular areas of your venue that you’re not to keen on.


Tassel garlands holding down giant balloons are a fun and interactive way to use them. Everyone loves balloons, especially children. They also make a great prop for wedding photos


Dressing up a white linen covered table with tassel garlands are such a simple but very effective way to spice up the furniture. If you’re not a huge fan of white fabric covered chairs you could attach a string or two on the backs of chairs. As long as it’s not a trip hazard it’s very beautiful!

The Wedding of My Dreams

Or how about suspended table centre pieces! Not your usual floral centre piece that takes up most of the table, this decorates the table wonderfully!


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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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