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DIY Fortnightly Friday!


DIY Fortnightly Friday!

If we at Save the Date magazine had a pound for every time one of our lovely readers emailed or spoke to us about ‘DIY’ ideas for their wedding, well, let’s just say that these budget cuts wouldn’t be causing us any problems …

So, we’ve decided that every other Friday, we’ll be bringing you some inspiration in the form of DIY. Simple and effective. Perfect to give you some inspiration for the weekend ahead. Now, who could we ask to help us with this task!? Why, who else other than the lovely Chloe Adlington of the fabulous So, make sure you pop by every other Friday for a step by step guide to some form of DIY pretty! Without further ado, over to Chloe:

Hello and welcome to DIY Friday with me, Chloe, from Love Making It! I’m delighted that Abbi and Lydia have invited me to share my latest creative projects with you every other Friday, to help you add some personal touches to your wedding day.

I’m starting with some gorgeous fabric flowers, I like them as they are fun to make, you don’t need any special skills and they are so flexible… You could use them in your wedding décor, attach them to a hair clip or even sew them on your wedding dress!

To make them you will need: synthetic / poly silk, a needle and thread, a tea light candle, scissors and some buttons or beads for the centres.

You need 6 circles of fabric, each getting smaller in diameter so I drew circles onto paper to use as templates and pinned them to my fabric. You can print and use my template here Fabric flower circles template.

Cut out your circles of fabric (you can do several at a time if you’re making more than one flower) and remove the pins:

Cut into each size circle by approximately a third all the way around to form 5/6 petals

Now comes the fun part, however please be careful as it’s really easy to burn yourself!

Light your tea light then starting with the largest circle, gently melt the edges of your petals as you rotate the fabric in your fingers a few centimetres away from the flame.

When you’ve finished it should look something like this:

Now you can repeat with each size of your circles

When you have one of each size complete, simple layer them up getting progressively smaller to form your flower

Then tie a knot in the end of your thread and sew the layers together in the centre from underneath the flower:

Finally sew beads or buttons into the centre to finish

And you’re done!

I’ve made several different fabric flowers but these are my favourite as they look the most like actual flowers! What do you think? I’d love to see a whole bouquet made from them wouldn’t you?!

Have a lovely weekend,





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