Cat & Tommy Image by Ed Godden Photography
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Discover Your Fairytale Ending…

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Discover Your Fairytale Ending…

Here, we share a wedding reminiscent of a classic romantic movie. Complete with a beautiful couple, stunning setting and a romantic boating lake (The Notebook style), we just HAD to share this inspirational wedding with you.

It just goes to show that less really is more. With a simple approach, Cat and Tommy achieved a classic, timeless look for their big day and the results speak for themselves. With just fifty guests, the intimate affair took place in a tiny Devonshire village where the bride grew up. Ed Godden captured the day with a unique and creative flair and we think you’ll agree, this is a wedding with true style.

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With thanks to Cat & Tommy for sharing their beautiful day with us and thanks to Ed Godden for the fantastic photography!




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