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Bridesmaids – Our Verdict


Bridesmaids – Our Verdict

So, whose been to see it? Come on, if you’re engaged and in the midst of wedding planning, surely you cannot resist a film with such a title. I saw it was coming to a cinema near me and was very excited to hear reviews calling it ‘the next Hangover’. Now, I love the Hangover so chances are, I was going to love this too. Working at Save the Date Magazine every day means that I am immersed in the world of weddings day in, day out so you’d think by the time Friday night came around, I would do anything to avoid more wedding related activities. This is most definitely not the case. I couldn’t wait to see this film.

The leading lady, Annie played by Kristen Wiig (never seen this woman before, don’t understand why … LOVED her) is the hard done to, unlucky in life and love, maid of honor to her childhood best friend, Lillian. From the moment Lillian gets engaged, Annie becomes totally overwhelmed by all of the protocol and responsibilities which comes with being the brides’ right hand woman and fails miserably at every opportunity. From getting booted off the plane en route to Vegas for the hen weekend for being drunk and disorderly (so funny) to causing the entire bridal party to come down with food poisoning during their dress fitting at the poshest boutique in town, following her restaurant faux pas, poor Annie just gets it wrong, every time.

Cue Helen – the perfect woman. The one who always gets it right. The one who organises Lillian’s bridal shower, complete with puppies as favors and a full on Parisian theme (an idea she steals from Annie). Annie is enraged and wants to kill this woman. The two of them compete for Lillian’s affections with lots of opportunity for Annie to disappoint and Helen to demonstrate her perfectly preened ‘Brie Van de Kamp’ style wonderfulness.

In between all of this competition is the other members of the bridal party including a forty something mum who hates her life, a naive and recently married introvert and Megan. The irreplaceable Megan. This woman makes this film. Hilarious. Every scene where Megan is involved is pure comedy gold.

What about the man? A chick flick wouldn’t be a chick flick without some ‘will they, won’t they’ story line and the love interest this time is Nathan, a traffic cop who melts Annie’s heart but it’s not without its ups and downs (of course, this is Hollywood).

I won’t tell any more in case you’ve not yet seen it but if you are engaged and planning the big day or even if you’re married or if you’re just a girl who loves a good feel good film, get yourself to your nearest flicks and watch this film (surprisingly, boys too – I took Mr B and he laughed more than I did) There is room for some improvement but overall, it’s a great, laugh out loud comedy with adorable characters and leaves you feeling all fuzzy inside 🙂

Drop us a comment below if you’ve seen this film and let us know what you thought!



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