A Bride’s Journal | Katie & Lewis | Part Three |
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A Bride’s Journal | Katie & Lewis | Part Three |


A Bride’s Journal | Katie & Lewis | Part Three |

Katie & Lewis’ big day is just around the corner so we thought we’d have a chat with our lovely Save the Date Bride about her wedding planning journey so far. You can catch up with her most recent instalment right here, but today we’re talking all about her hen party, her aisle style and those last minute details…

A Bride’s Journal | Katie & Lewis | Part Three |

The Hen Party

My hen do was a surprise and I didn’t know where I was going until the morning we left! I knew we were meeting at the airport and that I needed my passport but that was pretty much it. After meeting at 4.15am on the Thursday morning, I was finally let in on the big secret. We were going to ZANTE!!!

A Bride’s Journal | Katie & Lewis | Part Three |

It truly was an amazing weekend and one I will never forget.

We were staying at a villa on the outskirts of Zante Town, with our own private pool. The girls spoilt me rotten and decorated the villa with hen do bunting and balloons while filling the pool with flamingo and unicorn inflatables. It really was the perfect party villa for our weekend away.

A Bride’s Journal | Katie & Lewis | Part Three |

The highlight of the weekend was a boat trip around the island. Again this was a complete surprise and I was only told the night before (this was so I didn’t get too drunk and have a sore head for our day out at sea).

A Bride’s Journal | Katie & Lewis | Part Three |

The 10 of us toured the island on a private boat with our two captains for a full day. We were able to stop off where we wanted, swim in the clear blue sea and spend some time on the beaches. If you know me, you will know I am not a confident swimmer, but that didn’t stop me putting on my (not so glamorous) life jacket and getting stuck in. It really was a day you would only dream of. Perfection!

A Bride’s Journal | Katie & Lewis | Part Three |

The girls had planned a night out to the famous Zante strip while we were there, where we had the theme of COACHELLA! Everyone was dressed in their best festival gear, and covered themselves in glitter, jewels and tattoos. We were there just before the main summer season started, which meant the clubs had slightly less people than normal. However, this worked well for us as it wasn’t too busy or cramped.

One game we played while there was Mr & Mrs. Despite having to answer some slightly awkward questions in front of the in-laws to be, it was very funny. The girls had recorded Lewis answering a bunch of questions so I got to see his responses. I’m not proud to admit it but I did get quite a few questions wrong! Much to the girls delight as it meant the number of shots I had to consume mounted very quickly.

A word of advice I would give to anyone planning a hen do would be to make sure it takes place a good few weeks before the wedding. I came away with bruises, mosquito bites and even straightener burns, which I am thankful that I now have time for them to go down before the big day. I am also still finding glitter now and then, so who knows how long that will go on for!

Aisle Style

I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with my wedding dress. I didn’t enjoy the process of finding it as it took so long, but I was happy when I found the one. However, it didn’t take long for doubts to creep in and I had fallen out of love with my dress. This feeling stayed with me until my dress was ready to pick up. I wasn’t very excited about trying on the dress, but wasn’t to concerned about changing it, as I knew I would loose the deposit if I did change my mind. I had convinced myself I was content with the fact I didn’t love it anymore.

But, when I put my actual dress on for the first time, the feeling I got when I chose the dress came rushing back and I was in love again. I cried when I found my dress, so I guess that would be the sign that told me it was the one. I’ve not cried since but I wouldn’t put it past me on the day. I think I have struggled visualising all the parts of my outfit together with the hair and make up, but I am now confident I will feel special when everything is brought together on the day.

When it comes to looking after my skin, I’m really bad for not having a proper skincare regime for my face. A decent cleanser and moisturiser is about as much as I do, simply because I always get bored of the lengthy process of multiple lotions and potions. One thing I have kept up though on the lead up to the big day is HD Brows. For such a fair person, I have always had dark eyebrows, which I have always known don’t really match my hair (I’m blonde).

I don’t want my brows to look odd on the photos so I have invested in getting them sorted. I have had about 5 sessions now and couldn’t recommend it enough. My brows have been completely transformed in shape and style and really do suit my face more now. I go to Sally Montague in Belper and see a lovely lady called Grace. She really is the eyebrow queen, and can sort out any brow situation.

The Lead-Up

A Bride’s Journal | Katie & Lewis | Part Three |

So what’s left to sort now? We have just finalised the wedding food and numbers with the caterers, which is a big relief. We have a few more bits to buy and a few decorations to finish, but apart from that we are pretty much there!

I will be spending the night before the wedding at home with my family. Lewis understood I wanted to wake up in our home, so he kindly offered to stay in a hotel the night before. We did consider waking up together on the wedding day, as we weren’t afraid to break from tradition. But, we both saw the importance of spending time with our close friends and family on the morning of the wedding, so eventually decided to spend it apart.

A Bride’s Journal | Katie & Lewis | Part Three |

We will be able to start getting ready at the venue from 11am, so we as soon as we can, we will make our way there. The West Mill has a beautiful suite for ‘Team Bride’ to get ready in, so we are all really excited about getting there.

So that’s about it really! I hope you have enjoyed following my journey as a bride to be.

Thanks for reading, Katie x

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