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A Brides Journal | Katie & Lewis


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


A Brides Journal | Katie & Lewis

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Meet Katie, an avid Save the Date Magazine subscriber.  When we contacted Katie to follow her wedding journey, we asked her to sum up her wedding in three words; Romantic, Wild Blooms and Relaxed.  When we read this, we knew this wedding was going to be a corker and cant wait to find out more.  Here’s Katie to tell you a little bit more about her planning so far and with only 6 months to go it’s going to be here in no time!

“Hello! I’m Katie and Lewis is my fiancé (it still feels weird calling him that after almost a year of being engaged!). We live in our cosy home in Derby and spend most of our time eating cake, drinking strong coffee and laughing at each other’s stupid jokes.

Lewis and I met back at school and we have been best friends ever since. We first got talking at a charity car wash that my friends and I were holding. Lewis came along with his mum to get her car washed and we got chatting. I was smitten and it turns out his mum knew we were made for each other, as on that day she told Lewis I was perfect for him.

After almost 11 years of being in each other’s lives, Lewis proposed on our anniversary, the 28th December. We had a rocky patch 4 years before then, but 28th December was the day we decided to give our relationship second go. Luckily for us, it was the best decision we have both made and little did we know that 4 years to that day would be the moment he would ask me to be his wife. The proposal wasn’t extravagant, he proposed to me while we were in bed on the Wednesday morning.  But, to me the moment was perfect as I wasn’t expecting it at all and it was all about us. We spent the rest of Christmas celebrating and letting all of our family know the big news.

We are getting married in June 2018, so its only 6 months to go!! AHHH!! We have been slowly ticking things off our to do list, but it still feels like there is so much to do.

We are getting married at the beautiful West Mill in Darley Abbey. It was a decision we made quite quickly because we really wanted to set a date straight away. I know it sounds cliché, but from the moment we walked into the venue both of us got butterflies and we knew this was the place we would be getting married.

Despite us both knowing we had found our perfect venue, we wanted to be ‘sensible’ and not commit to the first place we had seen. So we booked in for a few other viewings, but it didn’t take long for us to book in for a second visit to The West Mill and secure our date.

For me, the part of the day I am most looking forward to is walking down the aisle and saying our vows. I can’t wait to see Lewis standing at the other end of the aisle waiting for me after all this time together.

I’m not great with words, but writing my own vows is something I really want to try and do. I know it’s soppy, but thinking about that part of the day, really does make me emotional. That would probably explain why I got teary when we were looking around the ceremony room at The West Mill.

So, less of the soppiness and back to the real talk. We are both massive foodies so having lots of amazing food is also an important thing for us. We know the day will go so quickly, so we are hoping the wedding breakfast will be the part of the day that we get to sit back for a few moments and watch as our friends and family enjoy our special day.

I have enjoyed pretty much the whole wedding planning process so far, what bride to be wouldn’t? But organising and planning for our honeymoon has to top everything. We have been looking at so many options and we haven’t finalised it yet as it seems like there are too many options to pick from! We are thinking of doing the typical honeymoon in a private villa or sea hut in the middle of nowhere with lots of beaches, scenery and wildlife to explore. We want to do something we will never do again, something that is so romantic we don’t ever want to leave. But of course, still doesn’t cost the earth.

Unfortunately there has been one aspect of wedding planning which I really haven’t enjoyed. Despite being told this certain part of the experience would be the best part, finding my dress really wasn’t enjoyable for me. For me it was a mixture of pressures, insecurities and confusion all rolled into one. I ended up dreading every Saturday when I was booked into yet another bridal shop to try on more dresses. After trying on almost 50 dresses, the whole process ended up feeling like a chore.

But… after months of searching, I was so relieved to find my perfect dress just 5 minutes from my home. With the help from the girls at The Wedding House, I had my ‘yes to the dress’ moment with my mum, which was so magical and of course there were lots of tears. I ended up with a dress I had seen online when I first started looking, which maybe explains why no other dress was quite right. My advice to anyone in a similar boat would be not to over think it, don’t worry about running out of time and once you have tried on a few styles, have a break to see what really sticks with you.

So, with roughly 6 months to go, we still have SO much to do and plan, but I really can’t wait and will embrace it all.

Three words I would use to describe our wedding would be romantic, wild-blooms and relaxed.

Thanks for reading, Katie x”

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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