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Bridal Headpieces ~ flower crowns, tiaras & browbands


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


Bridal Headpieces ~ flower crowns, tiaras & browbands

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Here at Save the Date Magazine we absolutely love bridal headpieces, in fact we are a little obsessed! Whether it be floral, metallic leaves, or beaded pearls, they give your bridal hairstyle that little bit of something special!

Over to Karen from Darby & Joan to give you some tips on choosing your very own bridal headpiece…

“Loose wedding hair is one of my personal favourite looks, understated and simple. Natural hair is beautiful on its own, but a striking and carefully chosen bridal headpiece can really pull your look together.

By all means have some fun with your Mum and bridesmaids trying lots on, when else can a grown woman get away with wearing a jewelled crown for the day (!), but there are a few things to consider before you make a purchase.

Do you have an idea of your hairstyle? Will you buy your accessory first and decide on how your hair will fit around it later? Or do you have a clear vision of your hair-do and you need to source a headpiece to compliment it? It is always a good idea to speak to your hairdresser to get a little advice too. Hair accessories are a little like hats in that different styles will suit different face shapes.

If you have hair that is below shoulder length and thick, you can really go for a bigger headpiece as your hair will hold and show it off, a small and delicate braid may get lost in your hair. Having said that, this is a gorgeous look if you are having a relaxed, flowing dress and you want a touch of bohemian style.

Likewise, if you have shorter hair, a more dainty piece would probably be easier for you to wear and won’t drown you.

Coco Chanel’s words were to always remove one accessory before you leave the house. Less is more. Whilst your wedding day is certainly the day where you can go to town and dress up to the nines, it is worth considering that all of your accessories should work together and not overwhelm you or your dress.

You absolutely can wear both a veil and a headpiece, its just about balancing the two. If you are having a veil as well as a headpiece it may work better if you opt for a simple veil so your headpiece takes center stage. The same can be said about other jewellery, if you are wearing earrings and a necklace, a substantial piece of jewellery in your hair may be a little too much altogether. YOU should shine, not just your accessories.

Consider the colour and material of the headpiece. It should really complement your gown and follow a similar style. If your bodice has pearls or beading then look for a headpiece made from a similar material as something glitzy may not sit quite right”

Karen, Darby and Joan x

So, what’s your style?…

Greek Goddess

Modern Muse

bohemian Beauty

Flower Crown

Classic Crown


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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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