A stunning bohemian inspired photo shoot at The West Mill

We love it when we stumble across a gorgeous photo shoot. Even more so when it takes place at one of our favourite wedding venues. The West Mill is a rustic blank canvas and we think you'll agree, the perfect backdrop for this stunning bohemian shoot.

Here, photographer Gemma of the Wardette Studio tells us more;

"The boho look is such a popular bridal style, and something of a go-to for the more laid back bride. It is no coincidence that it matches my own approach. I built this look around my own 'Rock n Rose' ankle cuffs....the sound of which are magical when you walk; heavy and metallic and musical. This barefoot bride, was where the inspiration began.

The styling was decadent yet rustic

Set at the stunning The West Mill┬áin Derby, our team of suppliers set about creating a boho look inside an industrial venue. It doesn’t sound like your typical match, but it really worked. I wanted this to be a little alternative and edgy, like the setting, so our skateboarder groom brought his skateboard!

The styling was decadent yet rustic, with mountains of white flowers, and beautiful calligraphy work; everything from the glassware to the table settings were all suitably vintage and chic. The West Mill’s ceremony room is a textural industrial backdrop, which was softened by an abundance of unique floral designs and ideas.

A sweet little wood, found in The West Mill’s grounds, was dressed as an alternative ceremony space; it was almost festival in feel, with multi-coloured ribbons fluttering about in the natural space. And who can resist a little woodland for couple photos? It’s always helpful if you can leave the wedding party for a few more intimate photos on the day.

‘Barefoot Bohemian’ is hoped to work alternative bohemian wedding inspiration; something to think about besides the barn or farm wedding.

And Finally ...

As art director and photographer, I wanted to shoot something young and fresh. I wanted it to be classic and accessible to most brides, but with a dash of something a little alternative and unique. We needn’t make a wedding a pinterest replica; let’s take some risks with our inspiration shoots, and offer up ideas which best reflect the versatility of our work and creativity!”

Gemma, we couldn’t agree more. A huge thank you to the team for submitting this stylish, inspiring photo shoot – we love it when styling is a little different and out of the ordinary – it’s always fun to take risks!


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