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Babies or Marriage?


Babies or Marriage?

Today’s post comes from a recent discussion with a few of my un married girl friends. The other night whilst cooking, we were chatting about the next steps in their relationship …. babies or marriage.


We all agreed that marriage seems the most logical, sensible step (plus, we’re all desperate for another hen do to get excited about!) However, the maternal instinct begins to kick in and let’s face it, you don’t need to find a spare £10K sitting in the bank when you decide to have a baby. Of course, babies are expensive and there is A LOT to consider when deciding to start a family. However, so many people seem to be put off by getting married these days purely by how much the whole thing costs.


When you consider the kind of lifes most of us lead, we’re always striving for more. A better career, promotion, getting on the property ladder, finding a house, a better car, nice holidays, a busy social life, the ‘must have’ gadgets and gizmos …. so where exactly are we supposed to find the extra cash to afford our dream wedding day? There’s no wonder more and more of the 25-35 generation are opting for babies over marriage.


Some of us are lucky and don’t need to consider the amount a wedding is going to cost. Perhaps our parents have budgeted for our wedding, perhaps we have plenty of disposable income or perhaps we are more than happy with a very low key affair spending less than £1,000 and having the day of our dreams. But I would stick my neck out and say that the majority of us do not fall into this category. Most happily co-habiting women (and men) I’ve been chatting to over the past year or so have said the same thing when I ask them when they’re planning on tying the knot …. ‘When I win the lottery’ usually being their response.


Such a shame 🙁 Imagine how many more lovely weddings we could all be attending if those pesky paper notes and bronze coins just didn’t exist. But then I suppose that’s a pretty ridiculous solution.


So, what is the solution? Well, I honestly have no idea.


Yes, there are budget weddings out there and yes, some of them really are gorgeous. Home weddings in the garden with homemade cakes, bunting, and outdoor games can be SO cute but seriously, how realistic is this for everyone?


It seems to me that when faced with a cross road scenario – turn left for a baby and right for a wedding, more and more couples are opting for that left turn …


So, what do you think? Have you found that either you or your friends/work mates are putting off getting married due to budget? What would you prefer first – babies or marriage?


Would love to hear your thoughts!


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