An English & Indian Fusion {The Wedding of Mita & Nathan} Image by Matt Horan Photography
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An English & Indian Fusion {The Wedding of Mita & Nathan}


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An English & Indian Fusion {The Wedding of Mita & Nathan}

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Mita and Nathan come from two different cultures. They chose to hold two beautiful ceremonies to celebrate their joining. The elegant, vintage civil ceremony along with the vibrant, colourful Hindu ceremony created a stunning fusion of cultures and made for an absolutely gorgeous and memorable day!

Over to Mita to tell you all about it…

“Nathan and I got married at the beautiful Poundon House in Oxfordshire. The family run Country House is set in private grounds boasting amazing views of the Oxfordshire countryside. There were so many reasons why we chose Poundon House it is a stunning property, expertly run by a lovely family. Despite its grand nature it always felt intimate and welcoming, like you were staying in a family home and Esmond and his family were amazingly accommodating. It was the first venue we looked at and fell in love with its charm and history.  The venue definitely gave us the stunning backdrop and ‘wow’ factor we wanted and provided the perfect “English Country” backdrop to our colourful fusion wedding.

MitaandNathan001 MitaandNathan003 MitaandNathan005 MitaandNathan007 MitaandNathan013 MitaandNathan014

We were having two ceremonies, so it was important to find a venue which would allow us exclusive use from the early morning to the late evening. Poundon House provide exclusive use for the whole weekend, which was amazing. Our wedding felt like a true escape. Poundon House offered a range of possibilities for your wedding day, each part of the house and grounds is a perfect as the next so it enabled us to plan our day to maximise the space we had available to us.

We decided to use their Yellow Room for the civil ceremony, as we wanted to our guests to enjoy the vintage charm of the house from inside.  This was followed by afternoon tea in the marquee whilst we prepared for the Hindu ceremony that took place on the patio outside with the country side as our backdrop.  We used the lawn and water fountain area to host the champagne reception and everyone finally moved back to the marquee for the reception.

MitaandNathan029 MitaandNathan035

The dress is the most important part for any bride and I was no different, except that I had to find two eye catching outfits. One for the Indian ceremony and another for the Civil. For both outfits I wanted something that was non-traditional, unique and had red carpet glamour look to it.

For the Civil ceremony dress I needed one that would look like both a wedding and evening dress to match Nathan’s outfits. I tried on over 20 dresses from typical bridal stores and found nothing I liked.

MitaandNathan046 MitaandNathan049 MitaandNathan051 MitaandNathan053 MitaandNathan058 MitaandNathan062 MitaandNathan066 MitaandNathan102

With our wedding being a fusion between Indian and English cultures we were in a fortunate position where we could be quite selective with the style of wedding we wanted. We both like to be a bit different where we can so we didn’t really stick to a particular style but we wanted the elegance and charm of an English wedding with the colours and exuberance of Indian weddings. As much as we could, we mixed the two elements together, such as our afternoon tea, where a long with the more traditional items, we served sandwiches with cheese and chutney, masala tea and a spiced sticky toffee and date cake.  We both love a great party and we wanted ours to have a sophisticated edge so I chose a dress that would look just as suitable for the red carpet as a wedding, the groomsmen wore black tie and Nathan changed in to a tuxedo in the evening.

MitaandNathan106 MitaandNathan111 MitaandNathan112

Our wedding was all about the details. One of the most important things to Nathan and I was the stationery as for many guests that would be the first insight they would have in to our big day.  We had all our stationary created by the super talented Soumya Thomas (Made by Molu).  Soumya also hand painted the signage for the wedding, my favourite is still the whisky and cigars sign which we now have up in our house.  Soumya created the most amazing order of service which she hand illustrated the traditions for the Indian ceremony.  My friends and family still ask if they can get hold of a copy!

MitaandNathan117 MitaandNathan118 MitaandNathan119 MitaandNathan125 MitaandNathan127 MitaandNathan157 MitaandNathan161 MitaandNathan165 MitaandNathan167 MitaandNathan170 MitaandNathan174 MitaandNathan177 MitaandNathan203 MitaandNathan205 MitaandNathan220 MitaandNathan227 MitaandNathan240 MitaandNathan245 MitaandNathan251 MitaandNathan258 MitaandNathan268 MitaandNathan269 MitaandNathan271 MitaandNathan282 MitaandNathan289 MitaandNathan290 MitaandNathan293 MitaandNathan304 MitaandNathan305 MitaandNathan307 MitaandNathan309 MitaandNathan310 MitaandNathan313 MitaandNathan329 MitaandNathan331 MitaandNathan343 MitaandNathan353 MitaandNathan355 MitaandNathan367 MitaandNathan380 MitaandNathan402 MitaandNathan412 MitaandNathan414 MitaandNathan415

Typical Hindu brides wear either red or red and white lenghas (the traditional bridal outfit) but I wanted something that suited my style. I looked high and low but couldn’t find anything that I liked on my numerous trips to Wembley, Southall nor online.  After a long search I came across My Trousseau. Two sisters who happened to be amazing designers based in West Hampstead, from walking into their studio I knew straight away they would have something I would love. Their sense of style and attention to detail meant I ended up buying both my outfits from My Trousseau, custom made to my taste and style. I will never forget the feeling I had when trying on my finished dresses, I felt amazing and totally I fell in love with both equally!

MitaandNathan416 MitaandNathan417 MitaandNathan421 MitaandNathan422 MitaandNathan425 MitaandNathan428 MitaandNathan430 MitaandNathan443 MitaandNathan445 MitaandNathan449 MitaandNathan454 MitaandNathan461 MitaandNathan463 MitaandNathan464  MitaandNathan469 MitaandNathan472 MitaandNathan473 MitaandNathan477 MitaandNathan480 MitaandNathan486 MitaandNathan500 MitaandNathan502 MitaandNathan503 MitaandNathan505

The Mandap (the traditional canape Hindu marriage take place under) was by London Chuppa House. Our beautiful flowers were provided by Love from Katie, an Oxford based florist. Katie created the stunning bridal bouquet and the floating flowers which provided the most magical backdrop to our Hindu ceremony. The wedding band, Chartz. A truly amazingly talented band from Southampton who learnt and performed a stunning rendition of Sam Smith’s Latch for our first dance.


MitaandNathan511 MitaandNathan513 MitaandNathan516 MitaandNathan518 MitaandNathan519 MitaandNathan521 MitaandNathan525 MitaandNathan528 MitaandNathan530 MitaandNathan531 MitaandNathan532 MitaandNathan533 MitaandNathan537 MitaandNathan543 MitaandNathan546 MitaandNathan555 MitaandNathan560 MitaandNathan562 MitaandNathan569  MitaandNathan580  MitaandNathan589 MitaandNathan630 MitaandNathan635 MitaandNathan642 MitaandNathan659

The Sitar player was Ravi. He set the perfect atmosphere for our Hindu ceremony and canapes. Dhol Players (traditional Indian drum used for the groom’s entrance) were played by The Percussionists.

The Hindu Priest was Chanda Vyas. She is the first Hindu female priest, being a feminist I couldn’t think of having anyone else.

MitaandNathan681 MitaandNathan682 MitaandNathan688 MitaandNathan695 MitaandNathan709

We wanted our day to reflect the things we love as a couple and as individuals. Nathan put on a cigar and whisky table and I had sweets and a fancy dress area, complete with Polaroid camera. As a couple we love to travel so we used a world map as our table plan, each table a city we had been to or a place that meant something to us. Something very important to us is food, Nathan is a keen cook and we both love experimenting with new foods and flavours so the food we offered to our guests was so significant to us. We chose Cinnamon Culture to cater our wedding as they could provide stunning Indian food served in a contemporary way as it was really important for us that our guest got a beautiful plate of food.

MitaandNathan744 MitaandNathan746 MitaandNathan749 MitaandNathan751 MitaandNathan757 MitaandNathan759 MitaandNathan761 MitaandNathan764 MitaandNathan790 MitaandNathan796 MitaandNathan803 MitaandNathan820 MitaandNathan822 MitaandNathan823 MitaandNathan825 MitaandNathan834 MitaandNathan836

At heart we are both quite particular so every detail at our wedding was planned, purchased or hand made. At the time if felt like an enormous task, from toasting and hand grinding all the spice to make our spice mix wedding favours to spending hours researching and listening to bands but it was all worth it as we had such an incredible day and the compliments we had from our guests has been overwhelming.  It wasn’t all arduous though, picking our wine and food was thoroughly enjoyable and we were lucky enough to meet some amazing people and suppliers along the way.

MitaandNathan839 MitaandNathan842

Our wedding cake was made by Kirstie Brewer, Nathan’s super creative and generous sister who made our delicious cake as a wedding present. Makeup by Ana Ospina, London based airbrush make up specialists who created the perfect natural look for me. My hair was styled by Hayley King, a very talented and creative hair and makeup artist.

MitaandNathan843  MitaandNathan846 MitaandNathan847 MitaandNathan849 MitaandNathan851 MitaandNathan853 MitaandNathan854 MitaandNathan855 MitaandNathan886 MitaandNathan889 MitaandNathan908 MitaandNathan918 MitaandNathan924 MitaandNathan947 MitaandNathan969 MitaandNathan987 MitaandNathan1023 MitaandNathan1033 MitaandNathan1038 MitaandNathan1044 MitaandNathan1055

There are so many things I learnt along the wedding planning journey but my top 3 tips for brides to be would be… Pick your bridesmaids and groomsmen carefully, have people who know you best around to make decisions on the day without having to bother you because the last thing you want to is to be worrying about the small hiccups that happen not matter how well you plan it. Planning and communicating your plan to your wedding party is essential. A good example of this from our big day…the priest wanted to change the groom’s entrance at the last minute but the groomsmen knew it was not part of the plan so said it was not possible, exactly the decision we would have made.And finally, things will go wrong but on the day just let it go and enjoy every aspect of the day, it literally flies by and honestly is the best day ever.

{List of fab suppliers}

Photography: Matt Horan
Venue: Poundon House
Caterer: Cinnamon Culture
Dresses: My Trousseau
Stationery: Made by Molu
Mandap: London Chuppa House
Flowers: Love from Katie
Entertainment: Chartz
Make up: Ana Ospina
Hair: Hayley King

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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