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All time favourite wedding films


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


All time favourite wedding films

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Bit of a pointless post today to be honest but I caught the end of the most dreadful wedding film last night and thought …. hmmm, what would be my top 5 wedding film picks. I chose them in my head and for whatever reason, have decided to share them with you today …. We’ll go down from five to one, just like the charts …. so we’ll leave the best til last …

Number Five: 

Coming in at number five is the Wedding Crashers, for a number of reasons:

1) This film gave me my first glimpse of the gorgeous Bradley Cooper

2) The most ludicrous and hilarious actor ever, Will Ferrell makes an appearance

3) The house in which this film is set is AMAZING. Complete with shutters, a lake and that gorgeous American ‘look’, I would move in tomorrow

So, basically, I don’t love this film for anything wedding related (although a lakeside wedding in a gorgeous marquee with the house in the background is my idea of heaven) it is just a funny, feel good film with the oh so swoon worthy, Bradley Cooper for eye candy 😉

Number Four:

It has got to be the Wedding Singer. The song he sings to her on the plane gets me every time. Gorgeous. Robbie and Julia forever ♥

Number Three: 

Please don’t judge but my Bradley Cooper obsession is back. Yes I know, The Hangover isn’t technically a wedding film – but there is a wedding at the end and the guys are on a stag night so in my eyes, it warrants as a wedding film and comes in at a pretty impressive number three. I have watched this film with my hubby over and over again. It’s a bit crude and rather silly but it makes my belly ache with laughing, every single time. And wow, that bride at the end – she made me want to go back to my big day and have my hair put in a big bun on the side of my head … and I wanted the cute bridesmaids …. and the hanging lanters from the trees … Anyway, I digress – the Hangover is one of my all time favourite films and did I mention Bradley Cooper is in it …?

Number Two

We’re nearly there …. and just pipped to the post is the gorgeous, My Best Friends Wedding. Every scene is better than the last and no matter how many times I watch this film, I just want to watch it again. Julia Roberts plays the ‘victim’ so well and Cameron Diaz is just so sweet and lovely. The scene on the boat where he sings to her – OMG, I weep like a baby when that bit comes on. And in honor of that scene, I chose the song ‘The way you look tonight’ for my wedding film. And just for the hell, here is that sweet scene:

Number One: 

Here it is – the winner. My all time favourite wedding film. Ever.

I am not an overly deep and meaningful person but I can honestly say that this film had a huge impact on me when I was growing up. I wanted to be Annie Banks McKenzie. My husband was going to be just like Brian. My wedding was going to be just like theirs. And I was convinced that on the lead up to my big day, my dad would be Mr George ‘8 hot dogs and 8 hot dog rolls’ Banks.

I was right on most things  – I got the big white marquee just like Annie. I had a lace dress with Annie being my inspiration and I married a guy just as lovely, if not lovelier than Brian. I was totally wrong when it came to my dad though. He was laid back, calm and to quote from the film, ‘Very un-banks like’. Phew. The only thing I was missing from my big day was Franck Eggelhoffer, the weird and wonderful wedding planner. Then again, he may have had a serious impact on my dad and turned him into a ‘cheaper chicken’ … If you’ve never seen the film, you may be thinking I have totally lost the plot.

My favourite scene of the whole film (which I have searched for on you tube and cannot find a clip to show you – rubbish) which I can hand on heart say is my favourite scene from any film ever is the night before the wedding when it snows. The song. The snow. The basket ball. Pure brilliance. Hate to admit it but I actually made my dad get us a basketball net for the driveway once I’d fell in love with the film – needless to say it didn’t get a great deal of use but I did feel one step closer to being just like Annie Banks McKenzie.

And, on that note, I’d better crack on and get some real work done ….

Hope you enjoyed the post and feel free to let me know your favourite wedding films and of course, why ….

C’mon, you surely can’t embarrass yourself as much as I just have 🙂

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  1. Chloe from Adore

    OMG I LOVE Father of the Bride too! I can watch it over and over again!

    I really like cheesy ones, my other faves include The Wedding Date and Maid of Honor 🙂

    Chloe x

  2. Laura

    Oh my, how can you leave out 4 weddings and a funeral? Or the Wedding Planner? (OK cheesy, and she should’ve ended up with the daft but genuine Italian instead, but still!) Or even Mama Mia for the gorgeous destination scenery? x

  3. lydia

    haha, thanks for your comments ladies 🙂

    Laura, OMG – I cannot believe I forgot about mamma mia!! That really is an amazing wedding film. Meryl Streep is one of my favourite actresses … thanks for pointing that one out … think I may have to have a rethink ….!


  4. Ruth

    Love all of the above, you just can’t beat father of the bride but 27 dresses deserves a little mention! A great girly film x


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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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